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Stefan Scholten (1972) is an internationally renowned name within the contemporary design world. Over the past 20 years, he has become one of its popular faces.

Scholten has years of experience in designing furniture textiles. He is also known for his reduced forms and minimal design style combined with a unique use of colour. The designs are functional and applicable, but always expressive. Scholten's approach is also known as the 'Atelier Method'.

During the design process, he thinks with his hands as much as possible. He keeps sketching, drawing and mixing colours until an original and new design emerges. Before a piece of furniture, wallpaper, textile or home accessory is ready for large-scale production, he first works on a scale or life-size model, usually with simple materials such as paper and cardboard.

Scholten has been an architect since 1995 and designs for a variety of well-known brands such as Samsung, Ikea, Hay, Mini and Maharam. The prestigious design magazine Wallpaper crowned his work 'Best Design of the Year' in 2021.

10020 Unfold armchair

by Stefan Scholten

‘Lightweight, thin and durable but very comfortable thanks to the Gelderland experience.’


Has designed for Gelderland since 2005

Scholten has been designing for Gelderland since 2005. He previously did so as part of the designer duo Studio Scholten & Baijings, but these days he operates on his own. In 2021, he designed the Unfold armchair. ‘The Unfold is a design where I literally folded the shape into paper to arrive at the current design. A shape that envelops you and supports your head. The paper also inspired me to design a light and thin upholstered piece of furniture. Lightweight, accessible, sustainable and very comfortable.’

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