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Gelderland's furniture is handcrafted in Culemborg, using locally sourced materials. Our craftsmen transform solid wood, steel, springs, foam, fabric, or leather into the furniture of your choice.

Take care of your environment

Reuse and recycling are not recent topics for Gelderland, but have been a daily practice since 1936.


Gelderland sofas and armchairs are upholstered with a unique in-house developed cover system. The fabric is attached to the frame with strips, allowing the upholstery to be cleaned or changed. In this way, the furniture changes with its owners over the years. Our factory frequently receives models that are decades old for a complete renovation.

Gelderland furniture lasts for generations, and as a result, they occasionally return to our factory to receive new upholstery. By working with the best local suppliers, we keep the supply chain and the number of transport movements short. Read more about our reupholstery policy.

Meubels van Gelderland gaan generaties lang mee, waardoor ze zo nu en dan terug in onze fabriek komen om te worden voorzien van nieuwe bekleding. Door te werken met de beste leveranciers uit de nabije omgeving houden wij de keten en het aantal transportbewegingen kort.


Trade in your old sofa and give it a second life through our Gelderland Generations program. With this program, we take in old Gelderland furniture and restore it for a second life.


    We create timeless designs in collaboration with both renowned and emerging designers.


    Gelderland furniture lasts for generations, partly due to our reupholstery initiative and unique Gelderland Generations Trade-In Service.


    All Gelderland furniture is handcrafted in our own factory in Culemborg.


    We create timeless designs in collaboration with both renowned and emerging designers.

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