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Design brands with their own identity and origins, strong through collaboration.

Gelderland is part of RSGA Design, the Dutch company for interior brands that prioritize timeless and sustainable design, local production, and craftsmanship.
In addition to Gelderland, Rietveld Originals, Spectrum, and the lighting brand Atelier Artiforte are part of RSGA Design. These leading brands have a strong, unique brand identity and a remarkable history.

Brands within the RSGA Design group collectively produce and sell designs from more than 30 designers worldwide.

Want to know more about the brands of RSGA Design? Check out the catalog 'Timeless Design for Generations' via this link.


Many of Gelderland's classics, as well as many other iconic chairs, can be seen in the RSGA Design Museum, which will soon open its doors at our factory in Culemborg. Information about the museum's collection and the opportunity to visit it can be found here.

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