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Roderick Vos himself describes his design style with two powerful words; playful and ergonomic. His working methodology differs: during the creative process, he literally comes into contact with all aspects of design, material handling and production. Roderick Vos does not like garish design. "The art of really good design is that it doesn't feel like design," he says.

Roderick Vos studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, and was a trainee with Ingo Maurer in Munich and with Kenji Ekuan in Tokyo. From 1990 to 1996, he had his own studio in Indonesia. Until 2004, together with his wife Claire Vos-Teeuwen, he was heavily involved in the Vos family-run Maupertuus in Groningen. From 2005, he started his own design agency together with his wife, Claire Vos Teeuwen.

"My way of working is different from that of contemporaries. Industrial techniques of the past, as well as those of the future, are of everlasting inspiration to us as designers. Good designs naturally flow from a good basic concept, but also certainly by applying new technology or an innovative material. But above all: designs have to be logical, after all, we make utilitarian objects."

Roderick Vos' work has been included in several collections, including Design Museum Gent, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NEST) and Museum of Arts and Design, NY.

6400 sofa

by Henk Vos & Roderick Vos

'The art of really good design, is that it doesn't feel like design.'


Has designed for Gelderland since 2002

Together with Henk Vos, Roderick Vos designed the 6400 series, which is inspired by the Bauhaus style of the 1920s. The style is characterised by simplicity, symmetry and functionality: the core values for the 6400 sofa, and the 4800 sofa his father designed earlier.

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