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Gelderland Generations makes it possible to create circular project interiors. With this service, we ensure the optimal lifespan of our timeless design. Circular thinking and reusing have been in our DNA for generations. From design and production to repair and refurbishment.


With the Gelderland Generations service, we take the next step in our circular production process, making it possible to trade in used Gelderland furniture.
The Generations trade-in service is available for all pieces of furniture with an original Gelderland certificate that are part of the current Gelderland collection, including both armchairs and sofas. In exchange for the traded-in furniture, we offer discounts on new pieces from our collection.

Traded-in furniture is stripped of the materials that need to be replaced. Residual materials that cannot be reused in our own production are processed or recycled responsibly. We aim to minimize waste.

The unique strip system enables us to reupholster used furniture efficiently and sustainably. We do this in our own production facility in Culemborg, often using out-of-collection fabrics, taking a new step toward a zero-waste production process.

After refurbishment, the Gelderland Generations program revitalizes sofas, making them look like new and extending their lifespan by years. The refurbished pieces find a new purpose, either in homes or in project applications like offices, hospitals, or hotels.

This creates an endless cycle of use and reuse.


    We create timeless designs in collaboration with both renowned and emerging designers.


    Gelderland furniture lasts for generations, partly due to our reupholstery initiative and unique Gelderland Generations Trade-In Service.


    All Gelderland furniture is handcrafted in our own factory in Culemborg.


    We create timeless designs in collaboration with both renowned and emerging designers.

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