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At his design studio in Rotterdam, Lex Pott brings design back to nature. The origin of the material is central to his work, using wood, stone and metal in particular. He does not hide his designs under indirect layers but shows them in their essence.

Pott graduated cum laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven. You can always tell from his designs what materials they are made of, under what circumstances, and with what techniques they were produced. His design process starts with extensive material research. He looks at what material does and is. Pott’s designs are all about purity and product traceability. Quality and craftsmanship combined with intuition and harmony characterise his design.

Pott’s designs have won several awards, for instance, the Young Talent Pin in 2014. He was voted the No. 1 Dutch Design Talent by de Volkskrant in 2015.

7845 Ori side table

by Lex Pott

‘Taking designs back to their essence: raw and intuitive.’


Has designed for Gelderland since 2015

Lex Pott's working method is intuitive and raw, shining a whole new light on Gelderland's DNA. In 2016, he designed the 7845 Ori, which pays homage to the ancient Japanese Origami folding art.

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