Simplicity and functionality combined with craftsmanship are the keywords to describe designer Arian Brekveld (Apeldoorn, 1968). The strength of his designs lies in his perfectionism, which he effortlessly combines with spontaneity and flexibility. Brekveld graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1995 and has been working for various clients ever since.

A Brekveld design always starts with an idea - and then the search begins. For form, function, material and new combinations between these elements. This inquisitive way of designing is characteristic of Brekveld. Each product requires a different approach, so for each design, he draws inspiration from different materials and techniques. The result? Designs that seem simple at first glance but are always designed very ingeniously and expressed attractively in different settings.

Through his eye for detail and attention to finesse, Brekveld's designs excel in their simplicity. Craftsmanship, plus skilful research into and use of the best materials ensure that each design is a work of art in itself, without being too exuberant. Brekveld's designs are distinctive in form and timeless in nature. Brekveld is an all-rounder when it comes to the type of designs he works on: from small craft products in collaboration with local craftsmen to larger, more industrial projects.

Several of Brekveld's designs have been included in museum collections around the world, such as Boijmans van Beuningen, Vitra Design Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and MoMA in New York and San Francisco. He also worked with various clients such as Royal Delft, KLM and Droog Design.

10040 Bend armchair

by Arian Brekveld

‘An armchair is often used as an eye-catcher in interiors. The Bend does fulfil this role, although in the process it always remains timeless, modest and friendly.’


Started collaborating with Gelderland in 2023

Arian Brekveld created the comfortable Bend armchair for Gelderland. He always looks for the perfect material for his creations, paying attention to even the most subtle details.

This is also evident in the Bend. The starting point for the armchair was Gelderland's well-thought-out production process and Brekveld poured this principle into an elegant and timeless form. He did this by looking for a softer form to fit the Gelderland collection, still perfectly matching the character of the brand.

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